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MonSEFF welcomes MNU solar innovations

At the invitation of Kevin Trzcinski, Vice president of the Mongolian National University (MNU), the MonSEFF team on Friday March 6th visited the university campus to view their innovative MNU solar project.

The Mongolian market is dominated by flat plate solar collectors that do not produce sufficiently hot water to provide process heat. To address this issue, the university research and development department have patented a solar thermal collector using a parabolic trough to produce hot water at temperatures of 200 -250 0C. At these temperatures the solar thermal collector is capable of replacing a coal fired Heat only boiler (HOB). The first demonstration project came into operation on the roof of the MNU building in 2014.

In a very simple application, the solar thermal collector (in the photo) produces very hot water that can run a radiator or a wet under floor heating system in the ger. In commercial applications, the same solar thermal collectors could be mounted on the roof to potentially remove the need for a boiler.

Raymond Babb, MonSEFF project manager noted the importance of such innovations given Mongolia’s particularly harsh environment for solar technology. “Such developments help make technologies that can reduce dependency on fossil fuels more affordable. This strikes at the heart of what MonSEFF aims to achieve,” he told Mr Trzcinski.