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MonSEFF | Mongolian Sustainable Energy Financing Facility | favourable terms loans | reduce energy consumption EBRD SEFF International Workshop

EBRD SEFF International Workshop

MonSEFF Team attended EBRD SEFF International Workshop


MonSEFF Team participated in the forum “Building a Global Energy Efficiency Financing Alliance,” organised by the EBRD in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEPFI), that took place in Istanbul on last 15-16-17 September. 

The forum was aimed to be a platform for commercial banks (more than 50 attended to the event), including international, national, regional and microfinance institutions, in order to share knowledge and experience about successful business strategies for developing and marketing energy efficiency finance products. 

The EBRD has long played a pioneering role in scaling up financing for energy efficiency investments in its countries of operations, particularly in the private sector.  The Bank is once more taking the lead by bringing together financial institutions from around the world to discuss progress in this business area and to demonstrate the financial sector’s commitment to do more in terms of deploying energy efficiency finance. 

In fact the EBRD has invested 13 billion euros [$14.7 billion] in energy efficiency over the past 10 years, encouraging third-party investment for projects worth a total of 84 billion euros [$94.4 billion] and estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 60 million CO2 tons per year. 

This event gathered all the international and local consultants that are currently engaged with the EBRD in the implementation of Sustainable Energy Financing Facilities (SEFFs) in the EBRD countries of operations. More than 20 Project Consultant teams attended the event.

This event was an occasion for the participant SEFF Teams to share their successful experiences and MonSEFF team were able to exchange knowledge and ideas, as well as building network, through this platform. 

Below are reported some pictures from the event.

MonSEFF Team Project Director (Mr. Danilo Bosia),
Local Team Leader (Ms. Enkhchimeg Tserendash)
and Deputy Project Manager (Mr. Giovanni Vaccari)

MonSEFF Local Team Leader with XacBank representatives
Anand Batsukh, Enkhchimeg Tserendash and Ryan Calvert