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Renewable Energy Investments


MonSEFF financing is available from partner banks  for investments in equipment and technologies that reduce fuel, coal, wood or electricity use because they use energy more efficiently, or which involve replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy investments include hydroelectricity, wind power, biomass/biogas and solar energy. Funding is available only for renewable energy investments designed for own use. The savings accrue from substituting renewable energy for the energy currently taken from the grid or from other sources such as diesel generators.

Investing in solar heating, solar power, wind power or biomass use can help your firm by:

  • Saving money on increasingly expensive grid electricity
  • Reducing your dependence on the volatile international fossil fuel market
  • Insulating you against power supply failures
  • Using waste products like wood-shavings, sludge etc.

Renewable loans are available for applications such as:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) equipment
  • Wind turbines, Or
  • Mini hydro, Or
  • Biomass converting large amounts of waste products like wood-shavings, for instance OR
  • Biogas to generate electricity from animal, vegetable or other waste.


  1. All loans must achieve a positive > 0% IRR of 0%
  2. All renewable energy investments must displace in part or in full the energy demand of the site