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MonSEFF | Mon Ilch New efficient bending and welding line

New efficient bending and welding line

MonSEFF case study (Mongolia)



  • One of the major producers and installers of boilers for thermal power stations in Mongolia.  The provided services include boiler maintenance and repairing.  Moreover, the Company during last years has performed activities in oxygen production, which is provided to different local entities in Ulaanbaatar.



  • The company has identified an energy saving opportunity through the replacement of different old, highly inefficient and oversized machines with a new modern and automatic tube bending line for the production of boiler serpentines.  The new technology allows a very significant energy saving (around 87%), compared to the old configuration, mainly due to more efficient and adequately sized machines, as well as to a production process requiring minor number of operations.



  • Loan:  $ 944,425



  • The MonSEFF team visited the company and, based on the gathered data, calculated the energy and cost savings related to the investment.





  • Payback period: 8 years
  • Internal rate of return (IRR): 11%
  • Energy saving: 3,166 MWh/year
  • Costs Saving: 75,750 USD/year
  • Carbon emission reductions: 1,014 tonnes per year
  • Other benefits: Increased company competitiveness, lower failure and reduced unexpected interruptions, reduced manual work, improved product quality

   MonSEFF success story