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Is applying for a MonSEFF loan difficult?

No, on the contrary it is very simple and fast!  The loan application procedure itself is straightforward and a free-of-charge assistance is provided. Applicants must satisfy the local Partner Bank’s usual financial viability requirements.  Although MonSEFF loans do involve technical and financial evaluation, once the Bank has agreed in principle to finance your project idea, the MonSEFF team who are financed by the EBRD’s Special Shareholder Fund carries out most of this work.

How can I apply for a MonSEFF loan?

Simply contact one of the Participating Banks or the MonSEFF team directly.

The procedure is indicated in the Loan Application Procedure section of this website.  Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the partner bank or directly MonSEFF team

What currency is used? MNT, USD or EUR?

Loans are available in MNT. The exception to this is when the client income is solely in USD.

What is the maximum amount for a MonSEFF loan?

The maximum MonSEFF loan size is USD 2.5 million for a single project. However, the project size may be larger provided the remaining funding comes from other sources.

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